Amika Pop-up

The idea was to take a literal approach to creating an immersive environment by covering almost every available surface with our iconic pattern. When entering the pop-up, one is literally immersed in the brand. Our pattern has become synonymous with the amika brand and represents the originality, inspiration and potency of both the line and the user.

The bold colors and print are indicative of the brand’s emphasis on creativity, fun and friendship. amika translates to “friend” in several Romance languages, and a strong element of the pop-up’s design concept was to build a community through hair styling.


We wanted to play with the standard experience found at salons and beauty retailers, where everyone sits alone at a styling station. Instead, we focused on a round styling table to make the experience communal and social, as though at a restaurant. People are generally happier in a community than on their own, and this approach is also in-step with our view of beauty—which is about fun, rather than a source of insecurity. We want to build a community that empowers people to express themselves and their creativity.